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Colorado Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation laws are designed to provide no-fault medical and disability insurance coverage for Colorado employees and workers. Workers’ compensation benefits include paying for all your medical bills, mileage to and from medical appointments, partial reimbursement for lost time at work and temporary or permanent disability coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Southwest Colorado

Ideally, all of these benefits should be provided swiftly and an injured worker could recover and return to their employment without worrying about paying their bills or being denied coverage. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are provided by insurance companies who are continually changing their rules in an attempt to limit or deny coverage in order to improve their bottom line by paying as little as possible in claims. In fact, they will often spend a lot of money on attorney’s fees and expert witnesses in an effort to deny your claim. If you are injured on the job or have been denied coverage by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, you should speak to a Durango workers’ compensation attorney at The Soignier Law Firm, LLC.

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We are a family-owned business and we are dedicated to serving the Four Corners area by helping injured workers get the benefits they are entitled to receive under the law. We have been practicing law in La Plata County for over 25 years representing people who have been injured or disabled while on the job and have not been treated fairly by the insurance company. When you are injured at work you will may be told to submit your claim form and everything will be taken care of by your employer. Because you have the right to consult a lawyer, it would be in your best interest to call our offices and receive a free case evaluation by one of our experienced attorneys to review your workers’ comp claim.

Our firm can assist you in determining why you need a lawyer and help you to resolve all manner of workers’ comp issues, including: death claims, lost wages/income, medical bills/treatment, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, construction accidents, workers comp accidents, workers comp denials, workers comp appeals, rights of injured workers, filing for workers comp, advantages of workers comp, types of benefits available, workers comp settlements, state workers comp claims, employer retaliation, workers comp & fraud, fatal work accidents & injuries, Social Security Disability Insurance, Social Security Disability FAQ, Social Security Disability process, Medicare / Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, widow/widowers disability benefits, and children’s disability.


The Only Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Southwest Colorado with Medical Experience

Our workers’ compensation attorney has 18 years of medical experience. This experience is particularly valuable in a workers’ compensation case as our attorneys can read the medical documents that are part of your case without difficulty and have extensive experience in understanding and deciphering medical documents that may sometimes be difficult to understand for attorneys without medical experience. Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Lawyer in Durango

When you do submit your claim, the workers’ compensation insurance company will have your claim reviewed by their claims adjusters as well as their attorneys and if you fail to do everything correctly as required by Colorado law or, if you miss a filing date you could find your claim being delayed, contested or denied causing you to have to prove your claim before a court of law. If you experience any problems with your claim you will be in a much better position with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney by your side. If you visit our offices at any time during your claim process, we can assist you by filing all the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion while you concentrate on your treatment and recovery. Protect your rights and call us today.

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